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    Site Rental Fee

    $2500-$5000 (based on the size of the event and areas of the property being used) plus $500refundable clean up deposit. Any additional fees that are required by government agencies will be paid for by renter.EquipmentTo be provided by Promoter, no charge.To be proved by TS (See Pricing List).


    Insurance must be provided by promoter or added as rider to TS policy, no exceptions. If provided by promoter, see list of additional insured and provide $1,000,000 liability policy.


    If promoter provides generator, there is no charge. If TS provides generator, there is a $300 charge. If power from the building is used, there will be a $100 hookup charge and a $100 daily charge.


    MANAGEMENT – There must be at least 1 TS Management Staff member at the event at no charge. Depending on the number of in-house staff is required, additional Staff Members will be required at $50 per Manager.

    PARKING – There must be at least 2 people working parking for every event. There is a $100 fee if we provide personnel.

    SECURITY – There must be 2 certified security personnel for every 500 people that you expect to attend as well as any Tucson Police Officers that are required by the City. Our Fee for each security personnel is $18/hour(6 hour minimum).


    When applying for a special event permit, the police department will tell you the number of officers that are required. Their rates are appx. $40 per hour, per officer.

    City Permits

    All appropriate permits must be received from the city 5 days before your event. TFD, TPD and Planning and Zoning must be notified at least 30 days in advance. We will have TFD pre-approved set up designs to choose from.


    We do not have a liquor license. If you have a non-profit organization that is benefiting from your liquor sales, you can request a temporary liquor license from the city for your event. If you would like to list TS Screamers as your non-profit to obtain the liquor license, we will do so for 10% of the liquor sales. Bar Tenders must be certified to serve liquor. We can provide bar tenders for $75 per day.

    Additional Insured

    The following names must be listed as additional insured’s on your insurance policy for the event:   Tucson Screamers, LLC, The Slaughter House, Asset Builders, The Oliver Family and all Oliver Trusts and affiliations. The City of Tucson and any and All Event Sponsors.

    Clean-up Fee

    There is a $500 Clean-up fee if TS does the clean up after the event.

    Pricing List

    Stage $2,500-$5,000 based on size and availability
    Sound & Lighting $1,000-$7,500 depending on set up required
    Additional Generators $300
    Artist Trailer $300

    VIP / Party Room Rental

    OFF-SEASON   (November 1 – September 1)
    Room Only $500
    Room with DJ $750
    Room with Liquor & Security $1,000
    IN-SEASON   (September 2 – October 31)
    Private Party 3 hours $40 per person, includes Slaughter House
    Private w/DJ +$10 per person, includes Slaughter House
    Private w/Bar +$10 per person, includes Slaughter House & security
    Private w/Food and Servers +$10 per person, includes Slaughter House & servers
    Private VIP All Inclusive 5 Hour $60 per person, all inclusive

    All insurance, permitting and conditions stated above must also be met to rent VIP Room.

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  • The SlaughterHouse is available for movies, music videos and photo shoots. From vacant empty rooms to fully themed rooms ready for filming. Contact us for rates and conditions.