The Charity

Tucson Screamers is a 501C3 designated by the IRS. We have given over $80,000 to local groups, teams and schools in our community. We have also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars with local vendors, supply stores, restaurants, etc, in the last 6 years alone. We hope to continue our strong support of the community by funding additional programs and working with local organizations to help them meet their financial needs.

Proceeds have benefitted:

  • American Diabetes Association
  • Marana High Dance Team
  • Marana High Drama
  • CDO Drama
  • Ironwood Ridge Drama
  • SalPointe Baseball
  • Flowing Wells High Drama
  • Flowing Wells High Pulse Dance Team
  • 520 Elite
  • TSA Oro 98
  • Mountain View High Drama
  • SalPointe Drama
  • and many more…