Twisted Tree Mortuary

The family burial plot has been moved this year and the spirits are not too happy about being disturbed in their eternal rest. An awesome visual experience that is self-paced as you stroll through the past of this haunted cemetery. There’s always something or someone lurking around every corner, be carefull not to wake the dead, they don’t like it.



A 3D nightmare that takes you on a suspense filled journey of cool visual effects with the help of some twisted clowns to show you the way. Let your imagination run wild as the 3D effects reshape your mind to your surroundings. Always a crowd favorite, this one will haunt your dreams.


The Boiler Room

Our world famous zombie filled boiler room has been the site of several recent movie productions. The zombies in this haunt thirst for new people to add to their ranks as they take over the living world. The walking dead are always hungry and you might make a good snack, or a full meal. Last years’ highest rated haunt is sure to keep you busy…trying to stay alive.


City Meats

The butchers that roam the halls of city meats have taken over and have made this haunt near impossible for people to visit. We suggest not going through if you have any health conditions, or other issues that may prevent you from surviving. This is our first EXTREME haunt ever and we are not quite sure what to expect. You could be touched, grabbed, bitten, or worse, not to mention the bodily fluids that may end up all over your nice clothes. This one is not for the faint of heart and we suggest NO ONE enter this haunt. Do yourself a favor and stay out! But for you brave souls who think you have what it takes, feel free to sacrifice yourself.



Apocalypse will be open during October with SlaughterHouse. It will be a condensed version with no Black Ops or shooting Gallery. It will be more of an interactive haunted house but still very intense. You will use the same weapons as the regular Apocalypse and you get to shoot the zombies but there wont be any scoring and the pace is a little quicker. However, it’s still gonna be one of the coolest haunted houses in the country. The full version of Apocalypse will return in November.