The Haunts

Haunted House Theme Voodoo Bayou

All New Voodoo Bayou

Your worst nightmares are being conjured in the swamps of our newest Haunted House – Voodoo Bayou. Shamans and enchantresses have taken up residence and are summoning demons from the darkness. Enter the Voodoo Bayou if you dare, the price you pay for leaving could be your life…

Haunted House Theme CIRQUE du Slay

CIRQUE du Slay

Step right up to the most deranged carnival imaginable! Our freaks and clowns are inside waiting to make you scream! Once equipped with your 3D spectacles, we will set you loose into the madness. Make sure to watch out for Tiny, we told him not to use the chainsaw anymore but these clowns just don’t listen.

Haunted House Theme Boiler Room

The Boiler Room

Do you dare enter the zombie infested boiler room? There are zombies lurking around every corner, thirsting for the taste of your warm flesh and blood. The infection is spreading quickly and the horde is looking for its newest member….might that be you? We heard that the resident ghost, Dougie, has been waiting in the boilers for his next hauntee.

Haunted House Theme City Meats

City Meats

Being the most extreme haunt that Tucson has ever experienced, City Meats is not for the faint of heart. Our butchers are looking for some fresh meat and that means that you could be the next course. Once you enter the City Meats doors, there is NO going back. They can grab you, smell you, and chase you as they wish- inside of City Meats no one is safe.

Haunted House Theme Apocalypse


The Apocalypse is the Slaughterhouse’s TOTALLY INTERACTIVE haunt! We can guarantee you have not experienced anything like what this attraction has to offer. The zombies are awaiting you upstairs, but now they are coming with full force because you will be ARMED and able to fight back. Do you dare face the Apocalypse?