Introducing Xscape House, Tucson's Newest Escape Rooms!

Brought to you by the evil masterminds behind The Slaughterhouse and Apocalypse, Xscape House will feature the same spooky vibe that we feature in our haunted houses, but these Xscape Rooms will be "slightly less scary" and more of a challenge - they are for everyone!  Looking for an awesome team building opportunity for your officemates or a Birthday Celebration that will not soon be forgotten?  Then you've found the place!

Our first Xscape Room is a science experiment that went very wrong.  "Human Xperiment" will test your problem solving skills with mind boggling puzzles and tricky riddles that you and your team of 4-10 people must solve in order to make it out in 60 minutes or you think you're smart enough to beat the clock?  Take your shot only at Xscape House, coming very soon!

In 1964, the building was used for experiments that were done on humans. Clues have been left behind by some of the less fortunate victims who previously attempted to escape, only to be used in some of the evil experiments by Dr. Drago and his ruthless staff. Can you escape before you become the next Human Xperiment?


Your purchase price will include a convenience charge. Bring your printed receipt, ID & Card used to make the purchase. Due to limited quantity of tickets available we will not always be able to sell tickets on site.  

By purchasing a ticket and/or entering the Xscape House or the SlaughterHouse Haunted House, you agree to ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK and you assume all liabilities incidental to the events BEFORE, DURING and AFTER. Specifically, you hereby RELEASE/WAIVE Xscape House, The SlaughterHouse, Tucson Screamers and All Affiliates of all medical, legal, financial and personal injury/property loss/damage liabilities including ALL BROADCAST/TALENT RIGHTS. And you claim NO copyright interests or compensation if your image is used as a part of any websites, video images, or promotional material.You should not enter if you are pregnant, are claustrophobic, are prone to seizures or have heart and/or any respiratory problems.  Xscape House reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone at any time.


By purchasing your tickets you agree to the above terms and conditions.