About The Slaughterhouse

The Slaughterhouse was a 1950s meatpacking plant that was turned into five bone chilling attractions under one roof in 2009. These include the infested Boiler Room, Cirque du Slay, City Meats, The Apocalypse, and the demented Voodoo Bayou. For 2020, we have transformed these 5 haunts into one of the longest Haunted Houses in the world!  You will only need to wait in 1 line to experience all the terror, including tons of new larger than life props, animatronics, and other upgrades you are sure to love!  The Slaughterhouse 2020 is going to be a completely new experience for everyone, so if you have been searching for a reason to come back and visit us again - this is it!

About Ghost Hunting

It’s Official: Tucson’s Best Haunted House is Really Haunted.

The Slaughterhouse was on the Travel Channel on January 13, 2018, when Tucson’s scariest haunted house and event venue was featured on the fourteenth season of Ghost Adventures. The crew, along with special guest Rapper Post Malone, traveled to Arizona to investigate the meatpacking plant- turned haunted attraction.

The team from Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures" included paranormal investigators Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin, along with A/V techs Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley. They came to the desert after finding reports on the Internet that this well-known attraction was actually haunted.

The shoot lasted three days from November 11 – 13, 2017. The team met with eyewitnesses and experts to piece together the haunted history of The Slaughterhouse, formally Farmer Johns, a meatpacking plant that opened in the 1950s. Equipped with the latest scientific gadgets and technology to confront the reported paranormal activity, the team was locked down during the shoot where they documented a marathon of paranormal activity throughout the entire plant.

“We haven’t seen the footage yet, but I can tell you Post Malone was visibly disturbed when he left the investigation,” said Bobby Sutton, CEO of Tucson Screamers Inc. The Slaughterhouse episode will air on the Travel Channel January 13, 2018 at 9/8C. This is the first time the venue has been featured on national television.

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About The Charity

Tucson Screamers is a 501C3 designated by the IRS. We have given over $250,000 to hundreds of local groups, teams and schools in our community. We have also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars with local vendors, supply stores, restaurants, etc, in the last 6 years alone. We hope to continue our strong support of the community by funding additional programs and working with local organizations to help them meet their financial needs.


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